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Lee Reeves

I was shocked when diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes at the start of 2023.  Looking back, I realize that I had numerous signs of my impending diagnosis, but I did not connect the dots.  I did not know enough - and like many men, did not see a doctor regularly enough. 

At that point, I went into research mode.  I am a former attorney and a natural researcher, so with the aid of my wife (Ph.D. and three masters degrees in biological sciences), I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and have implemented much of it.  

This blog is as much a place to store that information for myself as it is to help others who are also searching for it.

I do believe that it's possible to "Live T2D Free" - at least without many of the medications that are offered in lieu of necessary dietary and other lifestyle changes.  It is an easy choice for me.   I am still on my own journey, but with the changes I made in my own lifestyle, I was able to go from 77 units of insulin per day down to no insulin at all in only 10 weeks.  

I hope this blog helps you too.

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